3 Days Semuliki Wildlife Safari

3 Days Semuliki Wildlife Safari – Uganda

Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to the park

After your early morning breakfast, you will be picked up by the guide and depart for Semliki, taking the Semliki Wildlife tour UgandaKampala- Fort portal road, a journey of 4-6 hours and then have lunch in Fort portal before continuing to Sempaya. From there you will get through Rwenzori as you view the ranges and snow on top of the mountain, then to Semuliki park headquarters. The drive will take you down the eastern side of Lake Albert. The park is known for its night game drive that gives you a  good view of the nocturnal mammals like the white-tailed mongoose and slender mongoose, standard and pennant winged nightjars, cats, hyenas, leopards and many more. Then you will be taken to have your dinner late in the night at Semliki safari lodge as well as an overnight stay.

DAY 2: Forest walks

After morning breakfast, you will take walks in the dense forests where there are exotic primates, Semliki hotspringsbird species as well as mammals. Also, various species of trees will be seen for example; Isolama congolana, Nesogordonia Kabingaensis and Ejacis guineas and the endangered species are Cordia millennia, and lovoa. In the forest also, there are over 374 species of butterflies which is a good recipe for those who love to experiment with the area of butterflies. Lunch will be served from Semuliki safari lodge then go to the fort portal if there is a need for shopping and from there you will get back to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 3:Guided walks

Guided walks will start after morning breakfast, from the various ethnic groups living around the park, visit their plantations get involved in their traditional dances. Then visit the hot spring and see the magic in the water as well as the cultural attachments. After you will have lunch combined with refreshments at the lodge then get ready for the journey back to Kampala.

This will mark the end of the 3-day tour to Semuliki national park

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